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Who plays online probably already know what the payment system more comfortable and more popular among gamblers: the paper Poster pay. It 's true, however, that some online payment methods such as Money bookers are also very comfortable, but Poster pay allows you to be credited in 4-5 credit on your card and withdraw cash in paper form and on the first bank branch that met . The other instruments, however, provide a more immediate withdrawal but that adds to the time needed to bring on paper or on the bank account.

The main convenience of postpaid lies in the immediacy of the deposit. Once you decide to transfer money from your postpaid to your gaming account, you just enter the code of your card that you can see immediately credited the amount you want, on your gaming account, ready to be invested in your bets.

The operation is very simple. Once you're enrolled in an online betting portal, you can choose the method of payment or deposit. Selecting Poster pay (part VISA), you will not have to do anything but give the coordinates: the 16-digit number, your full name and the code of the same paper. In a minute you'll have proceeded to charge your account and you are ready to bet.

Bets with postpaid have created a truly winning couple. More and more customers online betting portals require a postpaid at the post office and use it as the only means of sampling. The only flaw of the Poster pay is that you can not exceed € 5,000, so you'll have to collect a sum greater, you'll have to do it in stages or crediting on your bank account, giving the coordinates to receive a wire transfer.

In 1954 was born in Rome, the first private company able to meet the repayment bets, comes to light then the forerunner of today's National Totalize. In the following years the horse racing bets are collected by the totalize overflow UNITE, in order to standardize the systems for aggregation and stem the growing problem of illegal betting. In 1998 he was booted for the Fixed Fee sport. In implementing the provisions of Presidential Decree no. 169 of 8 April 1998 imposing a system of aggregation on-line in 2000 is replaced totalistic UNWIRE and for the first time in the world of betting starts a new National Totalize that manages the live betting. Starting in 2002, is the 'AIMS which manages the regulation of sports betting, checking and collecting bets online and offline. In 2004, kicks off the collection of a totalistic BIG, including, Big Match, which relates to the football games, Big Show, which covers the events of the world of entertainment, Big Race cars and motorcycles, bikes and Big Big Race Race Ski . In 2007 he became the new operating system for the collection of Fixed-odds sports betting.

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