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Horse Racing Tips

In the first part of this guide will give you some information so you can start betting , live or online, so knowledgeable and fun. The guide has been divided into two parts. The first is purely illustrative, especially useful for those who have never played the horses. In the first section some brief history , just to see how was this exciting sporting event. In the next section we take into consideration the different possible bets , and what is the rationale behind the rule.

The third and final section of this first part illustrates the way in which you bet on the horses , you should know and should be read as certain acronyms that help us to know the horse on which you want to bet. In the second part of the guide we will discuss the best Italian sites safe and legal (authorized AIMS) where you can bet online on horses and then discuss some strategies and techniques for horse race betting . Just because you must wager a minimum of knowledge of the subject, it is good to try out the types of bets easier for the first few times . The simplest is that the winning single . The goal, of course, is to hit the horse that will cut the finish line first .

Of course, the best thing is to get a culture , even the smallest horses . Just read some newspaper, keep an eye on the monitor and do some research on the web. After a minimum of competence on the ability of the various horses that compete , you can decide the mode of play.

Racing Form is crucial to understand about who you want to play. In this simple string, in fact, contains all the information needed to bet , the most recent placements of the horse (the numbers from left), immediately after is the name of the horse, followed in turn by the number of days that have passed since his last race.

This is a ' very important information because it allows us to understand what the physical form of the horse in question . The shorter was his rest, unless there are guarantees that the horse has recovered. If the rest is too long, it may be that the horse is recovering from an injury.

In this information that follows the inherent and victories on the track and distance , if C has already won D otherwise. Below the age of the horse. A good horse should have between 2 and 5 years or so. Next age is the weight of the horse, the sixth field from the left, below the name of the coach and immediately after that of the jockey.

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