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When you bet, it is critical to manage well your capital . 's why, in general, we recommend not running start, so stubborn, not knowing how much money you have available. Under these conditions, we must then establish a capital with which ammonias all your bets. If percentage points to bet, you can bet on 1 single game on Monday because nothing sounds interesting to you and why of 3 matches on Tuesday proposed inspire you more. By doing so, privilegerai quality over quantity (see point 2) in parallel with the management of your bankroll. We advise you, therefore, not to exceed 4% of your capital on a bet to have a balance relative to your bankroll.

To analyze a good game of tennis and find the odds and 'playing' attractive, it is worth examining several key factors. In fact, some players start the season earlier than others or are more tournaments. Fatigue, therefore, is felt at different times and the freshness of a player often affects the ranking of the opponent. It is advisable to take this into account parameters such. Keep in mind also the recovery after an injury.

In fact, a player absent for a long period from the playground to feel an injury, logically, the lack of reference points. It may be interesting when the players bet against the injury that has kept them away from the playground is on a part of the body very stressed by their style of play. Take the example of an Sinner, great servant. If the American tennis player was recovering from a shoulder injury, the recovery would certainly be difficult, therefore, we may be faced with an opportunity.

The surface of the field is very important because players often have a favorite surface, and there are even some that specialize. We must therefore pay attention, because these changes in surface make record changes in percentage sometimes interesting.

During a heads up, the players always try to assert their game and find the best possible strategy to win. Some players have a way of playing that literally neutralizes the opponent. In other words, some players practiced a type of game that does not allow the opponent to enter his favorite channels. We can therefore assist in surprises with players who can not adapt. So, we must always pay attention. For this, you can consult the history of the comparisons, taking into account the surface and the periods of the tournaments. These elements are often valuable information. Players who make some opponents capitulate in particular, are regarded as "thorns in the side."

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