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Furious at having done scrubbing, John decides to take seriously the situation in hand and try to understand why there has fallen. She then discovers new mathematical concepts. He understands that you need to bet on the value bet , analyzing best matches on which he plays and above all understand that you should never be considered as a safe bet.

From this stage, John remains a bit 'All told, but still winning. The young man did not tip more than 20% of their capital on each bet and scrupulously analyzes the games on which it points. That's great! Surfing the Internet, John is a site that gives a foolproof method, the sure bet ! Immediately makes the calculations in mind and realizes that doing only 2% of profits per day starting with a capital of 500 €, win € 2,500 in 3 months! Convinced that he had found the true method (mathematical proof in hand), it launches.

Unfortunately John had not anticipated the problems inherent in Sure Betting. Piazza € 300 on Bucolic , Bin but then changes its share! The sure bet is no longer profitable. Damn! John thinks he's really unfortunate. The guy starts the operation, and is an excellent sure bet Tennis 6%. But bad luck haunts him still because the two bookmakers do not have the same rules for withdrawals and Player A breaks his ankle. John has lost 40% of its capital because the bookmaker has decided to losing his bet and the bookmaker B has only paid the initial bet.

He hopes too sure bet and still believe in the lies that are circulating on the Internet. Avoid the small sports betting sites that do not seem very serious. On our site you will find a section dedicated to this choice. To visit it, click here: comparative bookmakers.

Do not trust comparators units that include dozens of bookmakers. Some bookmakers put odds disproportionately high in order to attract the punters and then not pay them ever. Remember me on a bookmaker that can be licensed in Europe and groped the devil.

You can do combos, but only with a few games. Try to play with caution, avoiding multiple meetings with many. The ideal would be to not do combos but if you do, try not to do combos with more than 3 games. Avoid, therefore, include in your combo the same lot, especially if the share is less than 1.10. This will not win much more but it can make you lose a lot ;).

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