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To choose which site to place their bets is good not to be seduced by the welcome bonus, but consider a range of factors such as the navigability of the site, the ease with which you can contact customer service, how to varmint and withdrawal winnings. Last but not least, go read the review sites on the web , but keep in mind that many of them are drawn up ad hoc. On our site review, the bookmaker who has obtained the highest number of positive reviews on which you can bet on horses is Euro bet ( click here to visit the board Euro bet ), certified by AIMS and welcome bonus of no less than 50 €. This bookmaker odds very attractive compared to its competitors and make payments very quickly.

On Lotto metical , with regular AIMS license, administered by the state monopoly, you can easily bet by taking advantage of a welcome bonus of up to € 50 on your first deposit. The site has great graphics and is very intuitive. The levy instead is a bit 'difficult, but doable. Great portal of SISAL that offers a welcome bonus up to 20 €, 50% of the deposit made. Nice graphics and ease of recording. The odds then are absolutely interesting. Also on Bin Welcome Bonus up to 25 €, ability to play anywhere with apps for Android, AIMS certification. Also interesting are the portals Totosì and Intrados .

The best thing to do is to carefully consider the odds of the horses at the start , in any case, there are some tactics that allow you to score some winning. For small winnings safe, one should keep statistics, so we estimate that a favorite, generally, is among the 2nd and 3rd place in the Place and won by an average of once in about 3 Winner . With these estimates, we can say very very careful, you can have the satisfaction of winning, but with a very low amount, if we are content with the glory that's fine.

We can dare a little 'more covering our bets , ie by the bet among those who are considered at risk and those safe bets. Who bets in this way often take advantage of the promotions offered by the site . Who has not experienced should be placed on the bet, much less risky than the winner, logically. For those who want to risk it, and then if you win a prize to take home more conspicuous, must necessarily focus on high altitudes, then those horses deemed not able to get the victory.

The techniques are many and complex, as well as the possible combinations of the various gaming systems. A good trading strategy is the one for which you do not need to see the horses winners and losers of the various races, but only those horses that are overvalued or undervalued in the early hours of the morning , then before 13:00. There are specific sites to see, easily found online, that will help us in our evaluations. This strategy is necessary to compare the dimensions that we have retrieved from those assigned by the bookmaker, if there is a decent gap between them could be an interesting episode .

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