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The boom in tablets and smart phones, as well as the launch of 4G offers are other factors that contribute to the health of athletes paris online. The laptop computer is still indeed be in the coming years overtaken by smart phones. And when we know that 96% of 16-24 year olds already have a smart phone, it is understood that operators have there real opportunities to enter to pursue their development. Rejuvenation bettors already checked in recent months, also justify perhaps the trend that players now would build more in sports paris online than in the past. And yes, recent studies show that the number of players betting less than 100 € tends to decrease in favor of players betting from 100 to 3000 € notwithstanding high taxation.

If these statistics, although excellent for operators of sports paris, mean that it is essential to continue the fight against gambling addiction, they also have nothing to be jealous operators of online poker them, grind black currently. It suffices to note that in 2012, the FIJI and Casinos Barrier and Par touché have stopped their activities in this sector. A revision of the law of May 2010 is required, it is obvious. Believe that this increase in paris online continue after the 2014 World Cup, it's a bit like putting the cart before the horse. You probably know the story of the unemployment trend in France must be reversed for ages.

The players who have scored well in the previous year are in the obligation to repeat itself in the tournament to avoid relegation in the standings. Recall that at the beginning of a week, the retired ATP points earned by the player the previous year, and to avoid relegation, they have to get good results again. For example, a player who wins a tournament with 500 points and play the final the following year to win 300 points, you will lose 200 points in the standings. To this, add the fact that some matches will be played directly for a spot up for grabs. All of these parameters must therefore be taken into consideration. Finally, we discuss the end of the year with the Master. Here, too, as the race to the Masters tournament is in the final stages, some players will surpass themselves and be ready for anything.

Finally, it is important to have a computer file with all your results. You (I'll recommend it) use Excel to keep updated more data on your bets. You can record, for example, your bets, your winnings / losses, dates, benefits, your winnings based on your starting capital and the number of spot-betting. These little information, will allow you to have on hand the statistics that in the long term, will always be very interesting and valuable. To all this, you can add a curve that reflects the status of your capital. For example, you can take stock of the situation once a week. On Monday seems to be a good day, after the weekend, always full of sporting events. This also allows you to manage your money, because, as we said at the beginning, it is especially important not to play above their means.

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