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In sports betting seems to easy win! But the amateur bettor often falls into the traps easy to avoid for more than a punter said. That is why it is very important to know the basic principles and apply them to make profitable bets. On this page, we introduce you to the most frequent errors of bettors beginners and a way to avoid them.

Recommended by a friend, John decides to launch and enrolled on the first bookmaker found on the Internet . John has a small amount of money and tip almost everything in a day. Who placed bets appear to be "safe shots", and the young are assured of winning. It is so safe, he wants to multiply your winnings by focusing on the "combo", combining different bets to grow share and thus increase its benefit.

Bad luck has it that his great combo of 5 games does not work due to an unexpected draw. Since we do not remain the most money in the account-player, John decides to close the Internet and do something else. Sports betting is too complicated for him, so for now, he decided to let it go.

A month later, John discovers a curious advertising on the Web "How Vince € 5,000 per month betting on the Internet." Intrigued, the boy was enrolled on the bookmaker advertised on this site and test the strategy that looks promising. What a joy when he realizes he has won twice its store by following this strategy. John is not in the skin. Imagine if the same as buying the latest console videogames trendy thanks to gains and does not know how to thank the webmaster of that site miraculous. John is so enthusiastic that he decided to settle a bit 'of money to bet even more and increase your winnings.

One day, John does not understand that the method did not work and lost everything ! Convinced that it is a negative moment, the young man decides to settle again a bit 'of money to try the bet and recover losses. But it does not work, John has lost everything.

In a moment of boredom in front of the computer, John decides to lead and follow the fate of a famous prognosticator on some forums of bettors. Given that "probetter75 'not wrong a prediction two weeks ago, John gives him full confidence and relies entirely on its balance what he recommended this prognosticator of talent. But luck is not on the side of John, because "probetter75" wrong. John then loses all the benefits that accumulated from 1 month. Furious at this new loss, the boy decides to fill this prognosticator of insults.

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