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Gambling online is a practical and fun way to cultivate his passion for horses without having to go to the racetrack . Playing online, however, can pose problems for those who were not accustomed to this type of bet. Requests classics are inherent security of the site , both in terms of the contributions that with regard to the withdrawal of winnings . It must be said, for the avoidance of doubt, it is good to bet only on the portals where the brand is present AIMS , indicating the safety of the site and its regulation by law.

This is a tactic that can not be improvised. necessary to know very well the history of horse racing , then the performance of the various horses and jockeys . If you do not have a good budget, forget this type of betting. The losses, unfortunately, are very high. An interesting strategy is known as Beth-sleep-bet , that you bet, you bet and you sleep. This is to say that you must aim well in advance with this technique than at the time of the race.

It is therefore necessary to search for information. The odds indicate that a horse given to the favorite, as the race nears its prices will go down. So, the night before the event, we focus on a horse that has at least 5 tipster odds in favor of a race with no more than three favorites . The next day banc hereto soon as the proportion has dropped to the point to secure a sure win. If the price does not go down or worse, salt, close the bet, minimizing losses or wait for the result.

Hence the increasing emphasis on online gaming has moved into the world of legislation, which is evolving to be able to regulate each new instance created from the world of electronic gaming. So with the Ministerial Decree of 21 March 2006, who went on to replace the previous rules that related only to the horse races, AIMS has established measures for the regulation not only betting but also bingo and lotteries.

To summarize the various rules that emerge in Italian remote gaming must respect some basic principles: First of all you need an 'authorization of the' game of the year issued by AIMS, in order to counter the offer foreign irregular remote gaming concerns the whole 'games offer AIMS and not just horse racing betting as it was until 2000, are excluded casino games at a distance; account opening game , every licensee must use a provider according to the decree conducting n.22503 / 06.

The provider used to manage the business of connecting and transporting information from distributors to national totalistic. Ultimately the gambling that are part of the schedule are the AIMS lotteries fixed fee, as the Lotto games tote , such as Lotto, sports and non-sports betting, horse betting, bingo and skill games or new skill games.

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