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Playing Online Hockey

Hockey betting account in accordance with the provisions of art. 4 of the Decree of 21 March 2006. This is subject to the signing of a contract between the dealer and the player. This account is rechargeable and gives you access to all the 'offer AIMS. The contract is concluded electronically, and is governed by the Civil Code as any other type of contract, for which pursuant to art. 1326 Civil Code, the contract is concluded when the applicant becomes aware of the other Contracting Party.

The contract is sent to the inbox of the contractor. The player to get a game on their own account must be an adult and can open only one account that should be free. The Community Law 2008 passed by the House June 23, 2009, entitled "Provisions for the fulfillment of the obligations arising from Italy to the European Communities," has strengthened the prohibition on the use of the account of a player's game to collect or brokering of play of others.

The player must notify the licensee of its generality and the conclusion of the contract follows the activation of the account of the game in which the player, after registering on the website of the owner of the system, collects the money and pays winnings. The account is protected by a pin code as established by art. 5, paragraph 2 of the Decree of 21 March 2006: "The holder of an active system the game account when transmitted to the player's identification code and the code."

In addition to paragraph 3 of the same article states that "The owner of the system is required to audit the accounts of the game and make constant checks on the proper use of them, pointing immediately to AIMS, in the manner defined herein, violations of the rules in force, as well as abnormalities of use of the game account corresponding to profiles indicated by AIMS. 4.

The owner of the system is required to make available to AIMS, in the manner determined by itself, the relationship accounts of game players by providing for appropriate clause in the contract on behalf of the game. " L 'art. 6 of that decree also stipulates that the amount of the entry must not exceed to 'amount of credit available on your account and lists the requirements that must be met by the operations of the game. Sure Bets" in women's tennis, women's tennis, "banker" does not happen, remember this truth. Bettor, who more than a year watching the WATT Tour, will agree with this rule. None of them would not be surprised role playing with 0-4 or 1-5 in the set. Such cases, when for the party to recoup more than ten match points more than enough. As a conclusion - in order to protect themselves from large losses in women's tennis should not put too impressive sums for one match. In this case it is much more profitable to play at higher rates.

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