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Play Online Boxing Game

If we divide the unit on the probability of each outcome of the boxing match, you can get a so-called equilibrium coefficients in which the bookmaker has no mathematical advantage over the player, but the player also has no advantages.

You can see that the bookmaker puts coefficients below equilibrium, which defines its mathematical advantage over the players. The coefficients of different bookmakers are quite different from each other. And cases when a firm puts the ratio is above equilibrium, there are a lot more than the "fork". It bets on rates exceeding the equilibrium and are Value Bet.

Constant game using Value Bet allows the player to win in the long run the bookies. This game can be compared to a game of roulette in casino bets on numbers provided that payment for guessing the color is not one to one, as it always happens in a casino, and for example, 1:1.1. Ie at a unit rate and can play (in contrast to the "forks"), but in the long game is sure to be your gain. Playing in the Casino games such as Blackjack, Online Casino requires the same level of concentration and strategy.

Our site provides computing service Value Bet , you can use the section "Value Bet Calculator" . For the convenience of the players, we have formulated the game step by step algorithm for betting Value Bet using our service, which is available in the section "algorithm games at Value Bet" .

Online Betting on sports can give you a steady income . Try also apply to online sports betting system Martingale. Value Bet is inextricably linked with the concept of unsteady as the true probability of a particular outcome of the sporting event. It is the basis of this probability, any bookmaker appoints factor. That's the only problem is that the probability that no one knows exactly.

Bookmakers contain a staff of analysts who can more or less accurately predict the likelihood of this. And it's their job. They are engaged in it for eight hours a day all year round. And even they sometimes make mistakes, because you can not foresee everything.

The player, naturally, does not have the analytical department and can only act as a single expert. Nevertheless, and the player has the opportunities. Can rely on the opinion of one or more analysts bookmakers, who believe that the most trusted player. Then the true probability of the outcome of sporting events can be quite simple to calculate.

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