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How To Play Football Game

In the season 2013/14 Genoa's several times has had its ups and downs, and in the last matches of the team of Genoa reaffirmed its reputation. Victory over Lazio and Verona defeated by a proof of instability. After the defeat of Verona coach Gas Perini canceled weekend for his players, because the team played the entire second half in the majority and contrived to lose 0-3.

Complicating the situation of the team that the leader attacks Genoa, Alberto Geraldine, injured, and help his team in the game against Milan, hardly can. At 31 round of the Italian championship Genoa managed to score 39 points. Winning players from Genoa managed 10 matches, lost 2 games and 9 games was a draw. The goal difference - goals conceded is -5: Scored - 34myacha and missed - 39 goals. Team's top scorer at the moment is Geraldine 13 balls.

5 consecutive matches Genoa managed to score 4 points. Was victorious match against Lazio 2-0 draw in a match with fixed 1:1 Parma, played were meeting with Chive 1:2 Fuentes 0:1, 0:3 Verona. Milan is still in a whirlwind of rumors, which are sent to coaching candidacy and more new candidates. But so far, the coach remains Seeder, and he states that the main objective for this season are the European Cups. In recent matches, Milan began to correct their standings, confirming a victory over Florentine and Chive. Started to take shape Kaka, who in the match against Chive scored twice, still shows a good level of play Belatedly and began to show a cool game Honda. But it is not too late to realized it.

A long-term profitable catch comeback, especially in games female tour. Presence advantages sets Tennis is a very subtle sport, from a psychological point of view. Any emotional fluctuations affect the outcome of the football match. Victory in the initial set can suddenly affect the inexperienced players. It should be noted that this trend is more applicable to women's tennis, but in the men's single-handed, there are similar cases.

So, winning the first set in a tense struggle often relaxes the player, while the loser tennis seeks revenge and with the first drawings tries to return to the game. Very often this leads to a fast break losing sets tennis. Often it is this subtle psychological factors explain the fights, won 2-1 favorites in absolutely the same scenario: winning the first set, a little relaxation at the beginning of the second and final victory only to a third party.

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